Sheep Casings Safety Tips

In the last decade, sausage consumption grew to 246.8 million! And this number is only increasing as online meat services become more popular. 

But not every casing is the same, especially when it comes to sheep casings! So if you’re wanting to get into this fine casing, but you’re concerned with the standards and safety, then keep reading!

What Are Natural Sheep Casings?

Natural sheep casing for sausage is very popular in the meat community because of its smooth yet rustic texture. The casings themselves are mostly composed of collagen fibers from the sheep.

These casings are packed with various meats like pork, lamb, sheep, and beef. And when stored correctly, the meats can stay in the casing for a longer period of time.

Buy from Natural Suppliers

The best LEM sheep casings will only use natural cleaning agents. But be aware that some companies do use heavier solutions. So always shop from natural sheep casings suppliers!

You should also look for companies that have strict health standards. For starters, make sure the company has strict hygiene protocols in place. The best companies will follow HACCP rules which are an industry standard.

Next, you want to make sure your casings are SQF certified. This certification ensures that the highest levels of food safety was executed during production and shipping. Therefore, any risks of food-borne illnesses are reduced greatly.

Lastly, some companies perform lab tests to ensure the quality and health standard of their products. So if this is something that is important to you, only buy from companies that hire lab tests consultants.

Pay Attention to the Size of the Casing

For the most part, sheep casings come in bundles that have 91 mm of the casing. And for the average diameter size, most sheep casings range from 16 mm to approximately 28 mm. Nevertheless, you can ask for a smaller diameter and most companies are willing to provide these smaller casings. 

However, with smaller casings, you run the risk of puncturing the casing. So always follow packing rules when it comes to the smaller casing.

In other words, if the sausage is 10 mm to 16 mm, only pack about 80% of it. And you also want to ensure you are evenly packing the casing. This way there aren’t pockets without meat.

Smoked Sausage vs. Grilled

Often, meat consumers will want to smoke their sheep casings after packing. However, smoking requires more care because of the intense temperatures. 

So before smoking sheep casings, make sure the casing dried out for at least 24 hours. Not doing so will result in the separation of the casing and meat. Therefore, the meat will appear a pale color and will have an off texture.

When stove-top grilling, you want to make sure the grill is under 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If the grill becomes hotter than this, your casings will burst! Overall, following these simple steps will allow your casings to stay intact, but also give you the best taste!

Sheep Casings Made Easy

Sheep casings can be a little intimidating if you’re starting out! But hopefully, after reading this article, you can be more comfortable with this product.

And if you think you’re ready to start shopping for casings, contact us today to get your order started.

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