Everything You Should Know About Natural Sausage Casings

Sausages have a long and diverse history, dating back to roughly 1,500 BC

Natural sausage casings played a pivotal role in the origins of sausage making. Without natural casings, humankind would have been hard-pressed to create sausages.

Even today, natural sausage casings are still sought after and are a vital ingredient in premium sausages. Although we now have access to manmade sausage casings, natural casings are still widely preferred by sausage makers. 

Are you wondering what the purpose of natural sausage casings is, now that we have cheaper options? Read on to find out everything you need to know about natural sausage casings. 

What Are Natural Sausage Casings Made Of?

Natural sausage casings come from the intestines of animals such as hogs, sheep, and cattle. To create sausage casings, the intestines are cleaned of fat and the inner mucosa lining. This leaves only the submucosa behind.

Depending on which animal they’re from, natural casings vary in color and translucency.

Different types of natural casings are also suited to different kinds of sausages. For instance, hog sausage casings are well suited to any type of link sausage. This includes sausages such as bratwurst, fresh Italian sausage, and kielbasa.

On the other hand, beef casings are typically used for large sausages. Such as like ring bologna, as well as semi-dry sausages like salami. 

The Demand for Natural Sausage Casings

Nowadays, there exist a number of manmade sausage casing options. Including those made from cellulose, regenerated collagen, and even plastic. 

Because the supply of natural sausage casings is limited, these synthetic options are usually cheaper. 

However, there is still a high demand for natural sausage casings. Although more difficult to work with, natural sausages casings result in premium flavor profiles. Because they are permeable, they allow flavors from smoking, curing, and cooking to enter into the sausages. 

Natural sausage casings are also more attractive and authentic than artificial options.

Lastly, they are the only type of casings that can be used in organic and truly artisanal sausages. For instance, you won’t see a collagen sausage casing used for an authentically traditional Italian sausage. 

What’s more, market reports state that it’s not just sausage makers who are driving the demand. Instead, the ongoing demand is fueled by discerning consumers.

Our Place in the Natural Sausage Casings Industry 

Here at World Casing Corporation, we know that natural sausage casings are the best option if you want to produce a premium product. 

However, in order to do this, you need to start with good-quality casings. 

For the last 65 years, we have focused solely on natural sausage casings. Because this is our only product category, we have been able to cultivate close relationships with suppliers of raw materials. 

We have also pushed the bar and become the first company with a facility that hand cleans sheep runners. This process preserves the integrity of the sheep casings. Thereby yielding longer, better quality strands.

Are You Looking for Premium Natural Sausage Casings?

When it comes to quality, taste, and authenticity, you can’t beat natural sausage casings. Not only are they the preferred choice of sausage makers, but there is also consumer demand for sausages made with natural casings. 

Are you looking for a source of premium natural sausage casings?

Here at World Casing Corporation, our job is sourcing, processing, and selling the best natural sausage casings for the most competitive prices. As one of the last family-owned sausage casing producers and distributors in North America, we are proud to consistently supply outstanding customer service and products. 

Although we distribute on a global scale, anybody can order from us. Whether you are a large organization or a small sausage maker—we are here to serve you. 

Contact us today to discuss your order or to request a sample. 

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